Guest editor next issue of Radio Doc Review (Australia)

Skills: Research/Investigación
Client: RadioDoc Review, University of Wollongong, Australia

Call-out for submissions of new audio works to be considered for critique in special issue of RadioDoc Review, Issue 7, 2018. Works in languages other than english preferred.

In 2018, RadioDoc Review is turning its critical ears on audio features in languages OTHER than English. Yes, we’ve critiqued works in French, Norwegian, Farsi, German and Polish – but the majority of the audio documentaries, features and podcasts we’ve analysed have been in English.This issue, I’m taking over. Hello, I’m Laura Romero, based in Valencia, Spain. I work for media as sound producer. I also give specialised workshops on sound documentary and radio art in many universities. I founded the Spanish online review I also research crafted audio narratives (my PhD examined the power of the use of spatial elements in audio fiction stories). But I also love to MAKE creative audio features. And I listen to a lot of sound works, from people I’ve worked with in France, Spain and South America, as well as from well known outlets.

So this issue, as guest editor of RadioDoc Review, I invite YOU to send me your strongest audio work to be considered for an in depth critique. I’m interested in intimate stories with a creative sound design: one that considers the placement, layering and interaction of sound, shows interesting transitions and composition and triggers audio’s capacity to create pictures in the mind. The piece can be documentary, fiction or a sound essay, but it should have a strong narrative element – focused on personal story rather than an analysis of social issues.

There are a few rules. Works need to be:

  • made after 1 January 2017
  • from 2 to 60mins duration
  • submitted by 1 April 2018 (but sooner the better)

Endorsed by an audio person of standing: statement of 150 words max. That might be someone who’s won a significant audio award, the manager of a radio station, or some other well credentialled audio professional. You can argue the case!
Please upload works as WAV to your preferred platform (e.g. Soundcloud) and send URL, summary of piece (150 words) and personal details including a 50 word bio to me at Works in languages other than Spanish or French need an English transcript.
Thanks! Merci! ¡Gracias!, and look forward to hearing some fresh, original work from all over.