Laura Romero Valldecabres (Valencia, Spain)
Radio-maker, freelance audio storyteller, voice-over, professor and researcher on communication.

Between France, Spain and Latin America, I worked for media such as Mediaset, Cadena SER, Onda Cero, À Punt Mèdia and Radio en Construction in Strasbourg. My personal work is based on the intimacy and poetry of sound as a powerful tool to tell stories. I experiment with different narratives, audio fiction, sound documentary and sound arts. Working in different languages and countries, Spanish, English, French…  My short piece Un matin tranquille was granted with the First prize in the International Radio Contest of Montréal (2016).
As a researcher, I hold a PhD in Communication (2017), focused on the study of spatial dimension of sound, specifically to improve mental imagery and transport the listener inside the story. I gave specialised workshops in universities as Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Uniminuto in Bogotá, Universidad Jaume I in Castellon and Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. Speaker-participant in meetings in different places, Festival Longueur d’Ondes (Brest, 2016), Jornadas de Podcasting JPOD (Málaga, 2016), Encuentro Nacional de Radios Comunitarias de Colombia (Bogotá, 2017), Radiodays Europe (Vienna, 2018), International Feature Conference (Prague, 2018) among others. I am the founder, in 2009, of the first Spanish online review of radioart
In Valencia, I also work as sound designer and voice actress for documentaries, films, advertising, audiobooks and videos, collaborating with La Productora Sonora, À Punt Mèdia, AC Estudis and Narratores.

Realizadora sonora, montadora y sonidista, locutora e investigadora en comunicación. He trabajado entre Francia, España y América Latina para diversas emisoras e imparto talleres especializados en radioarte, documental sonoro y ficción en universidades (UAB, UJI, UPV, Carlos III). Me doctoré en Comunicación (2017) con un estudio experimental sobre la dimensión espacial del sonido, la creación de imágenes mentales y la inmersión del oyente en la historia. I Premio en el 60 International Radio Contest de Montréal (2016), participé en el Festival de radio et de l’écoute Longueur d’ondes (Brest, 2016), en el Encuentro Nacional de Radios Comunitarias para la paz y la convivencia en Colombia (Bogotá, 2017) en Radiodays Europe (Viena, 2018) y en International Feature Conference (Praga, 2018). Co-editora de la revista especializada RadioDoc Review (University of Wollongong, Australia, 2018). Fundadora de una de las primeras revistas web hispanohablantes sobre creación radiofónica (, 2009-2017).

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